Your Tesla Is Just Around the Corner

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The wait (three years) is almost over for the first Aussies who put down money on the very first delivery of Tesla Model 3 vehicles.

According to Elon Musk, the first batch is expected to arrive around mid-2019. This is a response to a question from an Australian customer who inquired about the disappearance of the delivery date on the website.

Elon normally delivers on his word. The Hornsdale project, Tesla's solution to the energy crisis in South Australia, already managed to save the state at least AU$40 million in just 54 days. It’s a big win for the 100-megawatt project, which has quickly proven its worth in its first year of operations.

However, it is also no secret that in the US, Tesla encountered several delivery delays of the Model 3. Buyers have reported how Tesla reps are delaying their scheduled delivery dates and trying to upsell them on pricier trims.

"I just got a call from someone at Tesla asking me to pay more for the longer-range Model 3. Otherwise, my configuration won't be ready until the end of June," one user on the Reddit r/TeslaMotors thread posted last March. "This is after telling me my car would be ready by the end of March and having me cough up more cash when I ordered."

But it seems like Tesla has already identified the "fundamental constraint" on the production of their products and vehicles: battery supply. The electric car maker isn’t getting enough batteries from the production lines that Panasonic operates in the automaker’s Reno, Nevada Gigafactory to keep up with the number of cars and home energy storage products it wants to make. The two companies believe more batteries can be made by expanding battery production in China.

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