The Secrets of the Blue Zones: How They Outlived Us All

Seems like humankind has been always on the chase for immortality. For ages, some of the most powerful people throughout history--emperors, kings, and mystics--have sought out the secret to living longer, maybe even forever. Despite this, we haven't come close to reversing the inevitable, that death will come for us--it's only a matter of time.
Advancements in health and technology, particularly those that deal with improving the human condition, have enabled more people to live longer than ever before. Human life expectancy is inching closer to the venerated "100" mark. The current worldwide average is 72.
However, there are people in specific parts of the world that already beat the rest of us to it. These "parts" are referred to as "Blue Zones", where the average person routinely live to 100 and beyond. Today, through this infographic from Best Health Degrees, we're going to take an in-depth look at the lifestyle and secrets of how these people are able to outlive us all.
Secrets to Living Longer

Source: Best Health Care Degrees

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